Long Term Accommodation

Long term visitors at the University of Crete have an option of utilizing selected hotels on a discounted rate or secure an apartment that suits their needs via real estate agencies or advertisements on local newspapers. There are several furnished or semi furnished studio or one bedroom apartments in the area listed in the classified sections of local print or via announcements posted either at the University or other selected locations.

Possessing/renting a car, allows one more flexibility as several summer rental properties outside but relatively close to the city can be accessed. Summer places tend to include all necessary items (furniture, electrical appliances, cookware, plates, glassware, utensils, linens). Furnished or semi furnished apartments in the area typically include all basic furniture (bed, table, chairs) and basic appliances (refrigerator and cooking stove). All other necessary items need to be purchased by the renter. Please keep in mind that all owners require a month's security deposit plus your regular rent in order to move into the premises. If you are accessing a property through a real estate agency, a fee will be required as well. Always ask for a rental contract as it is a necessary document to further process your university paperwork.

ACMAC has worked closely with the following two agencies to accommodate the needs of their visitors. Both agencies employ staff that can speak English. ACMAC does not endorse or sponsor any of the agencies.

Iraklio Real Estate
Minoan Land Real Estate