Airport to City

When you arrive at the Heraklion airport, you have two options to get to the city and to your hotel: You can either use public transportation (a bus) or a taxi. We highly recommend the taxi option, since you will be able to find one immediately outside the arrivals building and it will take you directly to your destination. Taxi fares for this route are circa 10 euros.

Port to City

Heraklion port is located close to the city center. To reach your hotel, you can either utilize a taxi (there are always a number of taxis available upon exiting the ship) or opt for a short walk as most hotels are located close to the center.

Car Maps

If you're a resident of a European Country and decide to bring your car to Heraklion or if you're willing to rent a car,(all major car rental companies have kiosks in the airport and in the city center), the following maps will be very helpful for you. They will guide you from the (air)port to ACMAC at the campus of Voutes. If ACMAC is not your first destination, please utilize the lind under the map to access the google maps site and search for your preferred destination.

By car (Port):

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By car (Airport):

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