For the workshop participants, rooms will be booked at Kastro Hotel.

  • Kastro Hotel
    Address: 22 Theotokopoulou St, 71202 Heraklion, Greece
    Phone: +30 2810 284185, +30 2810 285020
    Fax: +30 2810 223622

Reservations will be made for a single room. If you want a double room instead, please mention it at the comment section, while registering. ACMAC can cover the cost of a single room only. If you prefer to make your own hotel reservations please make sure you tick appropriately in the registration form, to avoid double booking.

Please note, that the University of Crete will deal with the payment of the hotel, so you don’t need to ask for a bill at your leave (except if there are extra charges to the room like phone calls, lunches etc.). If you want to make a room reservation to a hotel other than Kastro, you should pay the bill at the reception and then give the receipt to the workshop administrative team. In that case, ACMAC will reimburse only part of the cost. For more information concerning the maximum rate someone could receive as reimbursement, please contact the workshop's administrative team.

For the participants, whose hotel cost will not be covered by ACMAC, direct reservations can also be made at the following hotels at a special rate mentioning that you are a visitor of the University of Crete and ask for the special rate. In that case, payments should be made while checking out.

  • Atrion Hotel
    Address: 9 Chronaki Str., 71202 Heraklion, Greece
    Phone: +30 2810 246000 (Reservations)
    Fax: +30 2810 223292
  • Lato Hotel
    Address: 15 Epimenidou Str., 71202 Heraklion, Greece
    Phone: +30 2810 228103, +30 2810 334955 (Reservations)
    Fax: +30 2810 240350

For more information please contact the workshop's administrative team.

Please do not forget to check the Travel Reimbursement section in order to avoid any delays in the processing of the paperwork.